digital artist

all commissions OPEN~! :3

  • food: sashimi, carbonara

  • games: elder scrolls & fallout

  • music: cheesy 50s songs

hi, i'm prezial! you can call me pretzel or prez~
i'm 26, from estonia but have lived in the UK for two years now. i'm officially a full-time freelance artist from february 2021!

  • any pronouns OK

  • introverted

  • always drawing

art and animation: clip studio paint
pixel art: graphicsgale
tablet: wacom cintiq 22hd


this is a short version for the ease of the customer. both the full and condensed tos' apply to every order.

  1. we discuss what the customer would like the seller to create for them.

  2. payment is done by ko-fi/ link/paypal invoice

  3. i send a work-in-progress image within a few days

  4. the customer confirms if there are any changes needed

  5. i finish the commission within a given time limit

how to order

  1. choose where to contact me (check the contact tab!)

  2. include character information, info about them and any special requests (i.e if you have a pose reference, a set date to finish etc.)

  3. success!

will drawwon't draw
human, furry, anthro, feralnsfw, suggestive
original characters, real peoplegore, fetish
characters from images and textoffensive subjects
weapons, armor, detailed designs 

prices & examples

choose your topic or start from the top and click the arrows on the pages to look through all the options.


colored sketchy illustrationsbust: 15$
half body: 20$
full body: 30$
chibi: 15$additional character: +50%


-can be anything from a bust to a full body
-2 figures can be changed to a couple, i.e on one sheet you can have two couples, one single OR one couple, three singles
extra figure: +15$



a flat chibifull body: 25$


a clean shaded chibifull body: 40$


a chibi with soft, detailed shadingfull body: 55$

regular flats

Clean lines with full color and no shadingbust: 25$
half body: 45$
full body: 60$
extra character: +50%


clean shaded artworks
bust: 35$
half body: 50$
full body: 75$
extra character: +50%


one-layer soft paintings~
bust: 40$
half body: 65$
full body: 90$
extra character: +75%

pixel style animation

animationprice depends on complexity
starting from 35$

pixel art

mini pixels

little chibis drawn with a pixel pen on a 170x170 canvasfull body: 15$

regular size

pixel art done on a slightly larger 400x400 canvasbust: 15$
half body: 25$
full body: 30$
background: +15$


five emotes: 60$
ten emotes: 100$
additional emote: +15$

sub badges

five badges: 30$
ten badges: 50$


a sheet to show a character's outfit and info. includes a simple background, a minimum of a flat full body and a few lines of hand-drawn text.

sheet with one full body: 80$
+add one half body: +20$
+add one full body: +30$

doodle backgrounds

a simple sketchy background with a patterndoodle background: 10$

sketch backgrounds

a simple sketchy background

simple backgrounds

a patterned background to fit the character's themepatterned background: 25$

detailed backgrounds

fully painted detailed backgrounds and scenery. price depends on complexity.starting from 40$


prezial#3972[email protected]

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terms of service

condensed tos

this is a short version for the ease of the customer. both the full and condensed tos' apply to every order.

  1. for smaller commissions (under 50$), the commission must be paid up front in full.

  2. any commission above 50$ has the option of half payment upfront and half after.

  3. payment is in usd (united states dollars) via ko-fi/ link or paypal invoice.

  4. the customer will receive at least one work-in-progress image.

  5. the customer has the right to three revisions.

  6. refunds are allowed if there has been no progress in two months.

  7. the seller can cancel and refund any order at any time.

  8. the seller reserves the right to post the commissions on their galleries, social media and as examples.

  9. the commissions cannot be used for commercial purposes, unless mutually agreed upon.

terms of service

last updated: 23/june/2022

this contract applies to the artist, further called seller, and person or institution, further called customer, purchasing from the seller a work of art, further called commission. by ordering from the seller, the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions.


  1. the customer agrees to pay the full amount of the commission up front, if the commission is worth below 50$.

  2. if the commission is worth above 50$, the customer has the option of paying for half of the commission in advance and half after.

  3. any other type of payment scheme must be mutually agreed upon in advance.

  4. the payment can be done via ko-fi, link or paypal invoice.

product delivery

  1. the customer agrees that the finished work will be delivered digitally to their given e-mail address or social media account. no physical version of the finished work is shipped.

  2. upon delivery of the commission, it's the customer's responsibility to store it properly. the seller cannot guarantee that the original file will be available.


  1. the customer has the right to three revisions during the sketching phase.

  2. after completion, the customer has the right to minor edits. any large changes must be paid for in a mutually agreed price.

  3. for digital paintings, it is not possible to make large changes after the coloring process has started.

refund policy

  1. during the commission process, the seller will frequently update the customer on when they will get the next update.

  2. the customer has the right to request a full refund if there's been no progress for two consecutive months.

  3. if the customer takes a long time to reply to the seller, it is not the fault of the seller if the commission takes longer than promised.

  4. if the customer doesn't answer the seller within a month, the commission will be cancelled and the customer will not receive a refund.

personal and commercial use

  1. any use of the commission for commercial purposes, reselling it, reproduction or publishing for reasons other than personal use has to be approved beforehand with the seller.

  2. the seller must always be credited to their social media in a visible way.

  3. commissions may not be minted/tokenized/sold as NFTs under any circumstance.


  1. the seller reserves the right to cancel any order, under condition of a full refund.

  2. any disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. it may result in a cancellation without giving the customer a refund, and may result in the seller refusing any service to the customer in the future.

custom outfits and characters

custom design
can be an outfit on your existing chara or a fully new design.
sketch full body + design: 50$
flat+full design: 80$
shaded+full design: 95$
painted+full design: 115$

customs can also be added to reference sheets.